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May 28th Store Update:

Phil: "Do you ever have deja vu, Mrs. Lancaster?" Mrs. Lancaster: "I don't think so, but I could check with the kitchen."

How has your year been going? Ours so far has been… different. While you were busy making sourdough and buying all of the gravel bikes in existence, we checked in with Punxsutawney Phil and can confirm, winter (or whatever this weird time is) is sort of over. With that in mind we wanted to update you with how we are going forward with our day to day operations at Colorado Multisport.

The most notable change to our daily operations over the last two months was that even as an “essential business” we chose to keep our doors locked to customers in an effort to look out for our community during the most infectious stage of the virus. Now that restrictions are being lifted and the numbers appear to support us opening the store back up to customers in some capacity, we plan to implement a few new rules that should move us a few steps closer to giving our customers a sense of “normal.”

Starting Monday, June 1st:

1. We will allow up to two customers in the store at a time. In an effort to control customer flow, our doors will remain locked. We ask that you simply knock on the door if you wish to shop, drop off a service bike, or come for other services. One of our staff members will greet you outside and let you in if we haven’t met our two-customer capacity. We will have social distancing markings outside if there is a need for a cue and in some cases we may be able to assist you without you needing to come into the store.

2. Your shopping experience will change! We have been working inside the store to consolidate product to create a more open and safe shopping experience. With that in mind, in accordance with the Boulder Facial Covering Order we will require you to wear a face mask for the entire duration of your visit. If you do not have a mask we have buffs for you to purchase. You will not be allowed inside the store without a facial covering. In addition we will have hand sanitizer at the door and throughout the store for you to use if you plan on touching anything in the store. If you wish to try on apparel or equipment, anything that you do not purchase will go into a 48 hour quarantine zone. If you plan on shopping for and test riding bikes, we will also require you to wear gloves that we will provide. We will have a dedicated trainer setup away from other shopping areas so you can be sized up on a bike without having to come in close contact with other customers.

3. Bike fits are coming back! But not just yet… On June 1st our fit calendar will open back up starting June 15th for 2 daily appointments - one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. By spacing out our fit appointments in this way, it will give ample time for our staff to clean the fit area as well as give you the best possible experience during your visit. We are taking precautionary measures with our bike fitting services which are outlined here on our bike fit page.

4. If you are bringing your bike in for service, you have a few options. As always, we prefer if you call ahead to book your appointment. Even through this strange time, our service department has been booking appointments several days out. If you are visiting the store to drop your bike off, you may either:

  • Leave your bike with a staff member outside the store. A staff member will bring the bike inside and a service technician will follow up with you within 2 hours after you drop off your bike with an assessment of it’s needs.

  • Bring your bike in and rack it on one of the available racks next to the service area for a contactless exchange to one of our service technicians. The service technician will run through your bike before it’s appointment and make an initial assessment. We will have clearly defined barriers in place to make sure both you and our service technicians maintain at least 6 feet from one another.

In either case, we will call you ahead of time to take payment for service over the phone (if possible) to make your visit for service as smooth as possible. You may still wait to pay for your service when you pick up the bike, especially if you plan on shopping for other items during your visit.

5. We will not be doing any bike, wetsuit, or wheel rentals this season. We are also phasing out our saddle demo program, If you have a saddle you are holding onto while we froze our saddle demo program, we ask that you please bring it back at your earliest convenience. If you enjoyed riding this saddle, we are willing to sell that saddle to you at a drastically reduced price. Please stop by or call and we can discuss the price!

6. This goes without saying, we have been and will continue to prioritize cleanliness. From constantly wiping down surfaces, safely handling your bike and products, and making sure we maintain a safe distance from you when visiting the store whenever possible - we want to assure you that we take all of this very seriously. We ask that if you’ve been sick within the last 14 days to please stay home. We will be here to help you when you are feeling better.

As with anything these days, this is a fluid situation. We are thankful for your patience and grateful for your support over the last few months.  To quote Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day: This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather. While we wish we had a large squirrel to predict the next few months for us, we don’t. But what you can rely on is the constant that doing things like riding bikes and going on adventures is one of the most potent medicines we have right now in a world where our mobility is so limited. We look forward to having you back in store to help you get out there to find your best self! 

For general questions or inquiries outside of our business hours, please email us at