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Fuel Your Ride

Nutrition and Recovery for Triathletes

Do you know how many calories and what kind of calories to consume during training? How about before, during, and after your race? Do you know which electrolytes and what quantity you need? We welcome the opportunity to assist you with this very difficult equation. Visit with our triathlon experts for recommendations.

Sweat Composition Testing

Staying hydrated before, during, and after a workout it critical to your success and your enjoyment of the sport. We offer a unique test that directly measures your specific sweat sodium losses without even working out. This is a one time test that everyone needs to do!

Our Nutrition Selection

We only stock the best brands for nutrition and hydration products, and we can help you figure out an on and off the bike fueling strategy to help you succeed at any distance. Shop our selection online or visit us today to prepare for your next cycling or triathlon event.

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