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Bike Service

Fine-Tune Your Ride

Modern bikes can be complicated for both the rider and mechanic. In particular, servicing triathlon bikes has become somewhat of an art form. Our professional mechanics are incredibly skilled, and you can depend on us to service your bike worry-free. Don't hesitate to ask us when you hear or feel a "click" as you pedal along. We will take a look and figure it out with you.

CMS Tune-Up Packages

For comprehensive service, we recommend choosing one of our packages and having your bike serviced regularly. Contact us to schedule your service today.

Basic Tune

  • Adjust shifting
  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust headset
  • Adjust bottom bracket
  • Adjust hubs
  • True wheels
  • Lubricate chain
  • Wipe down frame
  • Torque all bolts
  • Install tubes/tires*

Performance Tune

Includes the Basic Tune +
  • Bike/drivetrain wash & polish
  • Charge and update electronic components*
  • Removal of crank to inspect bottom bracket
  • Lubrication & reinstallation of crank
  • Includes labor to replace/install:
  • BB bearings*
  • Cables and housing*
  • Drivetrain components*
  • Bar tape/grips*
  • Bleed hydraulic brakes*
  • Brake pads*

Overhaul Service

Includes the Performance Tune +
  • Removal and sonic cleaning of drivetrain components
  • Replacement of cables/housing
  • Complete overhaul of:
  • Includes labor to replace/install:
  • Headset*
  • Bottom bracket*
  • Hubs*
  • Pedals*
  • Brake calipers*

*Cost of replacement parts not included

Do It Yourself

We also offer 1-on-1 maintenance sessions with our professional mechanics so that you can learn how to work on your own bike. If you want to learn how to swap your training wheels for your race wheels, how to fix a flat, or any other maintenance that will help you be more comfortable with your bike, schedule your session today and shop for the tools that you need to keep your bike in great shape at home.